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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheap Travel Savings' Tips

In order to stay in business, companies are starting to actively look for cheap travel savings' opportunities. They find that the slow economy has affected their way of doing business and they can no longer afford to give their employees the best travel options when they have to leave the office on business.

Many business use their corporate credit card accounts to achieve deep discounts on their corporate travel charges. Their travel departments have negotiated travel contracts with major airlines, that guarantee them consistent, low-cost airfare if they are their only airline provider. These cheap travel saving are modest airfare accommodations that do not offer many frills, but will get their employee where they need to be to negotiate contracts for new industry.

Many people try to allow room in their schedules to be flexible with the dates that they depart on their travel adventures. Cheap travel savings can be realized when travel sites require departure on a specific date, for a specific time, that must be accomplished by a specific date. Being specific can afford people to be flexible on their travel departure days, if that flexibility will give them deep discounts on their airfare.

People that travel for pleasure have learned quickly that it pays to travel with airlines that offer miles points for choosing their airline for travel. These cheap travel savings can quickly add up into free flights, or deeply discounted air flights to luxurious locations throughout the world. Other cheap travel savings have been provided to family members that may fly for half of the original fare, if their travel was booked at the same time as another family member.

Retired military get really cheap travel savings, when they use military aircraft as their mode of transportation. These travel benefits are part of their military retirement benefits, and there are flights leaving daily at many major military bases for points all around the world. This type of cheap travel savings is not without risks, however, because at any point in their travels, they may be bumped off the flight by a military member with an emergency to get to.

Some people use Internet auction sites to find cheap travel savings. There are online travel agents that list hundreds of different types of vacations for a very ridiculously low price, and the bidding can be quite challenging at times. Some of these travel offers can be bought straight out for a stated price, but there are thousands of other vacation packages where pricing can be controlled through a bidding process.

There are other cheap travel savings to be found, in air-fare war sales, that pit one airline against another in an effort to take a larger share of the available travel market at any given time of the year. The offers for cheap travel savings can sometimes give the business and personal traveler the option of flying from a specific airport location, or through a certain carrier that is featuring low prices for all of their flights.

These are just a few travel savings' tips that people use. Take care and happy travels.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Exotic Vacations - Roughing It In Style

You've seen the commercials with the couple
in the beachside bungalow with mosquito nets... and the thought
of going on vacation to stay in a tent gives you the creepy crawlies

Not to worry, you won't need a sleeping bag and a bottle of Off! for
this exotic vacation. When was the last time you stayed in an
air-conditioned, 790 square-foot tent with wooden floors,
embroidered interior canopies, private gardens, outside deck for
sunbathing, king size four-poster bed, freestanding roll top bath
and separate shower? And just to make sure you don't feel like
you're "roughing it," your tent comes with a DVD player and minibar.

It's seems contradictory that the words "luxury" be used to
describe a tent but at the Oberoi Vanyavilas, located between
the Aravali and the Vindhya mountain ranges in South-Eastern
Rajasthan, India, the concept is far from novel.

Nestled among 20 acres of landscaped gardens, lemon and
mango trees, and lakes and fountains, are 25 tents, bordering
on one of the most extraordinary wildlife reserves in the world,
Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve, which is home
to the majestic Indian tiger, as well as deer, leopard, and crocodile.

Now, before you think that this is an isolated retreat, consider
the fine dining options and extensive spa services available. In
the Dining Room and Inner Courtyard, Executive Chef Saurav
Banerjee and Indian Master Chef Arjun Singh Yadava present an
impressive spread of Western, Thai and Indian cuisine from a
revolving menu.

The exquisitely decorated restaurant features hand painted
frescoes of flowers and animals by the celebrated miniaturist
Mohan Singh Kumawat. Outside is the walled terrace of the
Inner Courtyard which is lit at night by a massive log fire
(camp fire songs optional).

As with any quality resort, there is a spa, where you'll find
steam rooms, showers and private therapy suites and a long
menu of spa treatments, massages, facials, manicures and
pedicures. Try the stimulating Indian Spice Wrap and a
delicious Orange Wrap. All the massage and aromatherapy
treatments are aimed at relieving stress and promoting a
deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

For fitness buffs who can't miss a workout, there is an
exercycle, rowing machine, steppers and a treadmill, as
well as an outdoor heated pool.

All I can do is sigh. What a beautiful way to spend a
summer vacation.

Drifter's Memoirs
Pondering Beautiful Vacations

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Kansas City, Missouri - Home of Great BBQ

Wow, it's been an amazing time since I've written on this blog.
Right now as I type, I'm in Kansas City, MO checking out
commercial property and visiting family.

There isn't enough time to go to all the places I want to go
here, but there is one place someone may want to check out.
Yesterday, I went somewhere I hadn't been since I was
around 10 years old.

My father and I stopped by the Liberty Memorial. It's a WWI
memorial. It's at the top of a hill that overlooks KCMO and it's
a place you'd want to stop and see. The statues and monument
are colossal.

Liberty Memorial is quite a sight to see. Take a look and see this
beautiful place.

Another place that is very popular in KCMO is Gates Barbeque.
My mother grew up with the owner, who name is Ollie Gates.
He's one of the leading entrepreneurs in KCMO. He owns all of
the Gates Barbeque restaurants and they are known for their
famous BBQ and BBQ sauce. He also owns many properties in
town. He's definitely a role model to emulate.

The other BBQ chain is Bryants BBQ. These are two places you'd
want to see if you travel to Kansas City. Kansas City is known for
their BBQ nationwide.

I'm here to check out the commercial property in the area. Many
homes and apartments are boarded up. It's so sad to see. Online
I checked the retail shopping centers that are for sale in the area.
Many of those are corporate owned for unknown reasons. Not
sure what has happened to the economy here, but looks like it's
taken it's toll.

Well today, I'm scouting a few residential properties to get a feel of
the real estate market. If I see something interesting or with
potential, I'll be sure to submit a letter of intent. We'll see what
happens. This evening I'm going to see if I can locate a Karaoke
spot to hang out at.

Well, until then, take care and thanks for stopping by.

Johnetta Matthews
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Monday, July 09, 2007

Beautiful Santa Monica


Wow has it been a while or what? I've been singing
karaoke and working on a new job. Haven't had much
time to travel.

On my next post, I want to share with you when I went
to the I Cugini Restaurant by the Santa Monica Pier.

I'll locate my cord so I can post pictures. If you've
never listened to The Wave, you may be unaware that
may Jazz listeners gather at the I Cugini and Spagatini
(spelling) restaurants to listen to live Jazz for a Sunday

Okay, I won't rattle on. Stay tuned for the pics.

The Drifter

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Orange County - Travel

Well, it's no mystery that Orange County has Disney as an

From my travels, I would have to say that Orange County is
my pick for a place to live and work in Southern California.
The people appear to be more trusting and more professional
from what I see in Los Angeles County.

I may be wrong, yet if you want to relocate to Southern
California, Orange County is my pick.

I do various deliveries to Orange County Hospitals and I want
to be the first to say to say that the staff in the Orange County
hospitals is above reproach. Not only are the hospitals
professional, the businesses are too.

I'll write more about Orange County in the next few posts.

Take care and be safe.

Drifter's Memoirs

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kicking It In Southern Cali - Hsi Lai Temple

The next place I'm excited to see is Hsi Lai Temple. I've heard so
much about it. It's a Buddhist Temple that has quite a history.
It's suppose to be one of the largest temples in the area.

The Hsi Lai Temple will be a great historical place to see
this weekend. The hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. This will be a
definite treat. What I can't wait to see is it's layout. The temple
offers group tours up to 15 people. So this can be a treat for
even a nice small group of people.

Here are some insights to their philosophy.

I'll fill you in on the details real soon. Have a happy Easter.

Drifters Memoirs
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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Southern California Travel Attaction

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe it's February? Well, I had to take a good look
at my surroundings and I have to say I'm blessed. Since I've
been in Southern California, I've see a few nice places.

One of the places I visited was the Queen Mary. If you're not
familiar with the Queen Mary, take a look at the poster below.
She's docked in Long Beach and a great tourist attraction.

Ocean Liner SS Queen Mary

Buy this Art Print at

She's quite a beauty. She has served in wars and
was well known by the stars in her days. To learn
more about this famous ship, visit her website below.
If you're in the Long Beach area, be sure to see this
great travel attraction.

Visit the Queen Mary Here

It's unbelieveable to see what's happening on the Queen Mary.

Take care and happy travels.

Drifters Memoirs
Travel Banter Blog